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Corona Heritage Museum 

Local History Museum featuring thousands of donated artifacts

Our Collection

The Corona Heritage Museum collection consists of thousands of objects and artifacts donated ​by present and former residents of the City of Corona since the museum opened in 2000. Included are household furnishings, clothing and accessories, tools, toys, art, photographs and documents. Some items are included as part of our permanent exhibits; others are featured in our rotating exhibits. We offer an eclectic collection of memorabilia with true roots to our city for the public to enjoy for free. 

Our Curator

Noella Benvenuti has extensive experience in museum management, curation, and related fields. Originally from Massachussetts, Benvenuti came to Corona in 1968. Following an MA in Anthropology from CSU Fullerton, she took a position with the San Bernardino County Museum as Registrar, was promoted to Assistant Director, and retired after 15 years of tenure there.


In 2002, she discovered Corona Heritage Park Museum and learned the Park needed a volunteer to manage their collections and exhibit installation. Soon after, Benvenuti became actively involved with building and developing systems for Museum intaking, processing, and archiving donated materials and artifacts. Since then, the collection has grown dramatically. With the help of a group of dedicated volunteers, all the objects in the collection have been catalogued; new volunteers are now digitizing photographic collections. 

Heritage Park Museum – Kroonen Exhibit



Showcasing photographs and artifacts of the life and work of Leo Kroonen Sr., Corona’s most prominent 20th century architect and builder. After arriving in Corona in 1887, Mr. Kroonen went on to design and build many of the structures throughout the city including the 1913 City Hall, Odd Fellows Hall, Lincoln and Washington Schools, the Municipal Plunge, and several private homes. Aside from a few homes, the only non-residential structure remaining is the Carriage House at Lemon Grove.

Ways to Give

The Generosity of individuals and corporations play a pivotal role in our ongoing efforts to expand our collections. All donations are formally acknowledged and are tax deductible, as appropriate. Thanks to our many donors, we have been empowered to carry out our mission to make the history of Corona, California accessible to the community.

Building History

Built in 1937, this 5,000 square foot building was formerly the Foothill Lemon Company Store. Modern for its time period, it was designed by architect Herbert A. Hamm of Los Angeles, CA.  During the 1940s, the company store transformed into a "real department store," offering a wide range of products for purchase, including: clothing, dry goods, groceries, as well as on-site services: a gas/petrol station, meat processing, etc. The Museum currently houses a perspective of the company store, a model of the payroll office, a diorama of Corona’s citrus heritage, the reenactment of Corona’s world class road races of 1913, 1914 and 1916, periodic themed displays.

HeritageParkHistory FoothillLemonCo Store ANhp007-2.6
Heritage Park History Foothill Lemon Co ANhp026-177.13
Heritage Park History Foothill Lemon Company Store Exterior ANhp007-2.036_Oweb
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