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Corporate Sponsors

We invite visionary corporations to join us as partners in this journey, fostering a legacy of heritage, education, and community engagement.

Your Support Matters

As a forward-thinking corporation, your involvement in our cause holds profound significance. By aligning your brand with the Corona Heritage Park, you demonstrate your commitment to preserving our collective memory and investing in the enrichment of our community's future. Here's why corporate support matters:


  1. Cultural Stewardship: Demonstrate your dedication to preserving the culture and history of our region, showcasing your commitment to social responsibility.

  2. Educational Empowerment: Your support directly contributes to creating educational programs that inspire the next generation to appreciate and learn from our heritage.

  3. Community Impact: Strengthen your corporate image by actively engaging with our community through partnerships that benefit both your brand and our mission.

Customized Partnerships

We understand that each corporation is unique. We are open to tailoring partnership packages to meet your specific objectives. Let us know how we can create a mutually beneficial collaboration that aligns seamlessly with your company's values and goals.

Get Involved Today

Partnering with the Corona Heritage Park & Museum not only enriches our cultural legacy but also amplifies your company's commitment to community betterment. Join us in preserving our history and shaping a brighter tomorrow.

How to Partner with us

Connect with our Corporate Partnerships team to explore the possibilities:


Phone: 951-898-0697

Thank you for considering a partnership that makes a lasting impact. Together, we can forge a stronger connection between our past, present, and future.   We are 100% volunteer based and all funds are used to maintain the park.

Special thanks to our current sponsors: ​

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